The headband so comfortable you wont even know it’ there!



Created by a Woman for Women

  • Is comfortable to wear all day.
  • Controls big, frizzy out of control hair beautifully and comfortably.
  • Perfect styling tool for those wet and curly, straight out of the shower mornings.
  • Holds hair back for that finished look.
  • Great for “on the go” to add instant style to your hair.
  • Ideal alternative to clips and traditional headbands.


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Stays in place without feeling any pressure as with other headbands

This innovative product looks glamorous AND is comfortable to wear all day. It’s ingenious design includes flexion technology with comfort touch and patent pending, no squeeze ear pieces. The result of which is natural looking hair flow without the pain!



What makes us different

The Look

The perfect movie star sunglasses look was the inspiration for our first color palette. The tortoiseshell pattern is stylish and looks great with every type of hair and your favorite outfits! We look forward to expanding the color and pattern selection in the near future. Be sure to join our mailing list to be the first to know what’s coming in!

Flexion Technology

HairBends® utilizes a unique flexion technology with comfort touch points. These comfort touch points allows the hair to flow comfortably underneath for a painless, natural look.

You Don’t Event Know It’s There

Our patent pending design for the HairBends® ear pieces is what really makes us different. The width, length and flexibility are ideal to hold hair back, not squeeze your head and keep the hair flow looking natural. You won’t even know it’s there!

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The Backstory

I am one of those lucky people who has a full head of thick, curly hair. However, I haven’t always felt so lucky! It can be incredibly unruly at times and in need of serious taming. I tried every hair accessory on the market but most either pulled too tight or squeezed my head too hard.

I finally realized that the perfect look for me was when I put my sunglasses on my head to hold my hair back – like a movie star!

A few years ago, I pitched an idea to my college roommate to make a headband to hold your hair back so that your hair looks as glamorous as sunglasses on your head make your hair look. She didn’t think I was crazy – in fact, she thought it was a great idea. The concept for HairBends® was born!

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